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Multi-purpose ladder stabilizer

The stabilizer was created – from top to bottom – in Lanaudière, with the support of regional partners. We also rely on local and regional suppliers for materials such as aluminum.

The stabilizer can be used for every roof type, including sloped roofs and flat roofs. It can also be used when working at heights (e.g., to lean against a wall) – simply follow the instructions to change the product’s angle.

Every type! We’ve tested them all!

For detailed information on the stabilizer’s installation, use, storage and maintenance, please consult the following guide.

A PDF version of the guide can also be downloaded.  

For full details of the legal warranty, please refer to the attached document:

Simply adjust the ladder stabilizer to the width of the ladder. This is operation is done only once, with a screwdriver.

The ladder stabilizer was designed to be easy to install and is meant to be left on the ladder, so that the user is always safe.

Anyone working alone can only secure the ladder once they get up to the roof. Until then, they’re always at risk of falling. With the stabilizer, the ladder is prevented from sliding sideways or falling backward when placed on ice.

When we designed this product, we wanted to create something solid, durable, made in Québec, with as many basic materials from Québec as possible, and so we chose aluminium. The ladder stabilizer was designed and built to be long-lasting, hard-wearing, and of the best quality possible, because where safety is concerned, quality matters.