Professional multi-purpose ladder stabilizer


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Used on construction sites to eliminate the risk of falls when working at height, the PROTECMI ladder stabilizer is designed to ensure total safety.

In 2021, this safety equipment won the CNESST’s Grand Prix as it provides 600% more safety on ladders than established standards.


EASY TO INSTALL: Thanks to its universal design, it fits easily and quickly at the top of all open-rung ladder models. Workers can then bolt the ladder to the roof or wall. 

CAN BE SECURED TO A ROOF OR A WALL: The ladder stabilizer gives top performance on all types of roofs  (flat, pitched or without parapet). It  can be adjusted to any type of angle thanks to its angle adjuster. 

SECURE: The anchoring device is equipped with non-slip pads, which prevent slipping and provide a solid anchor. No friction possible between the ladder and the roof, preventing damage to the gutters and eaves.

EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: In the event of an emergency on the roof of the buildings on your job site, the PROTECMI ladder stabilizer is indispensable! This safety equipment holds the ladder securely even with several workers climbing it in a rush. 

Provide a highly safe work environment for working at height. Effectively (and inexpensively) protect your employees who use ladders!

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Additional information

Box dimensions

22 ¾ in. x 7 x 8 ¼ in.




Multi-purpose (universal; all ladder types)