Working at height while spring cleaning


Working at height with a ladder is back with the warmer days. It’s the start of spring cleaning, and we enthusiastically get to it to prepare for summer! But safety is the priority to prevent the risks of falling from height, which can ruin the beautiful season if we get injured. Here’s how to protect yourself!


For all your ladder-related work, it’s absolutely crucial to prevent the risks of falling from height and serious injuries. On construction sites, strict safety rules from the CNESST must be applied when working at heights of 3 meters or more. So why take fewer precautions when doing work at height around the house?

When you need to use a ladder for your spring tasks and climb 3 meters or more on it, the CNESST advises that the ladder’s feet should be placed on a stable and hard surface, while securing the top with a ladder stabilizer (or other method). It’s also important to leave a gap between the top of the ladder and the roof edge. Additionally, the ladder should extend past the roof by 35 inches to prevent it from tipping over!


Nothing is more wonderful than finally opening the windows of the house after a long winter, to let in a gentle breeze and the singing of birds. And nothing is more satisfying than having clean windows to admire the trees, the blue sky, and the sun!

If you need to use a ladder to clean the exterior of your second-story windows, take the time to securely immobilize your ladder with an aluminum stabilizer. And do not lean your ladder against the gutters or a window to avoid the risk of breaking them!


Whether it’s a sloped or flat roof, spring inspection is essential to check if winter weather has damaged shingles or the covering membrane.

Roof inspection and maintenance are among the most dangerous tasks to perform around the house. If you don’t hire professionals for this job, make sure to use a ladder that is in very good condition and a ladder stabilizer, which will firmly hold it in place.

Make sure that the foot of the ladder is not placed on a surface that sinks (such as spring soil) or that is not level. By taking a few minutes of your time to secure your ladder, you’ll prevent falls from height and injuries. Don’t forget to let the ladder extend beyond the roof by 35 inches, as required in CNESST standards for work at height with a ladder.

working at height with a ladder



Outside your house, cottage, or multi-unit building, you sometimes need to paint the exterior window frames on the second floor or the exterior wood siding. This requires using a ladder that must remain securely fixed to the wall or roof.

Similarly, caulking work around second-floor windows or around equipment on the roof requires safely using a ladder. The roof fan, skylight, plumbing vents, or bathroom and kitchen hoods need to be resealed to prevent water infiltration.

The ProtecMi ladder stabilizer allows you to safely carry out these spring tasks. It easily installs on all types of roofs or walls.



For accessing your gutters to remove debris left by winter, nothing beats a telescopic ladder! But it’s difficult to work if the ladder is leaned directly against the gutters or the wall. This can also damage the exterior siding and break the gutters due to the weight of your body leaning on the ladder.

The ProtecMi ladder stabilizer immobilizes the ladder by securing it to the roof, while leaving a gap between the wall and the ladder, which protects the gutters and allows you to work with ease.

working at hight


Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be done around the house or cottage! The exterior of businesses also needs to be cleaned and maintained as soon as the nice weather returns. If you own a business and you don’t hire professionals to clean your windows, remove debris from your gutters, clean your flat roof drains, or inspect your roof, make sure to use your ladder safely.

Equip yourself with a ladder stabilizer to be able to accomplish all these tasks without injuring yourself or damaging your gutters or exterior siding by leaning the ladder against them. The ProtecMi aluminum ladder stabilizer holds the ladder in place at the top while leaving a gap of 34 cm between the ladder and the roof edge.

The same goes for interior painting of your business or replacing the bulbs of your recessed lights. Similarly, if you work in the back store moving merchandise at height to bring it out for the new season, a ladder stabilizer is essential to ensure your safety and that of your employees. You’ll be able to store winter items while being equally protected from falls from height and serious injuries!

ladder stabilizer for working at height


ProtecMi designed the universal ladder stabilizer to reduce the risks of falls and serious injuries during work at height at home and in commercial settings.

This safety equipment won the CNESST’s top prize for Innovation in 2020! It is easy and quick to install on all types of roofs and walls.

ladder stabilizer for working at height


To order your aluminum ladder stabilizer, visit the Buy section of the ProtecMi Website.

Ladder stabilizers are delivered within a maximum of 72 hours, to all cities in the province. For delivery elsewhere in Canada, please contact us at 450-753-1010 to place your order.