Work at height with a ladder : the right equipment


When you are work at height with a ladder, using proper safety equipment is essential. Whether on construction sites or during home renovations, the right equipment allows you to work efficiently while ensuring optimal safety. Learn more about this topic through this article.


Work at height is part of the daily routine for many workers in the construction industry, especially for roofers, painters, bricklayers, scaffolders, window washers, or technicians maintaining structures and equipment at height. These professionals climb up and down a ladder several times during a workday.

There are various equipment options to stabilize ladders and thus ensure better safety when performing these tasks at height. Among these are high work platforms, telescopic planks, stabilizing arms, and safety stops for sliding ladders. For protection tailored to the type of roof or wall on which the ladder is leaning, the ProtecMi ladder stabilizer is a top-choice tool that offers customizable adaptability.


Considering the numerous accidents that are happening while working at height (which are still too frequent), several safety measures have been implemented to address this issue. Among other things, the CNESST requires that ladders be “securely anchored,” using a ladder stabilizer or other method when work is performed more than 3 meters above the ground.

The ladder must be placed on a solid base, meaning on a stable, firm, and level surface. It must also extend at least 35 inches beyond the point of support at the top, and it must be “securely anchored” (with a ladder stabilizer or other method) to prevent it from moving. Both the feet and the top of the ladder must be secured to prevent any movement.

The top of the ladder should never be leaned against a gutter, a window, or any other surface that could shift, break, or shatter.

working at height with a ladder


Several tools and equipment are recommended to ensure worker safety. Here is a brief description of these different devices.

Guardrails: A popular protective measure preventing falls during work at height, guardrails should be installed on the edge of the roof, at the edge of a void, on the edge of a platform, scaffold, staircase, or railing. They should be placed wherever there is a risk of falling, and they consist of an upper rail, an intermediate rail, and a toeboard.

Elevating platform: Specifically designed for lifting workers during work at height, the elevating platform is safe because it is equipped with guardrails and stable work platforms that protect against falls from over 3 meters. It provides greater access flexibility to restricted areas and allows for comfortable work. Maintenance of elevating platforms is essential to ensure constant safety. Therefore, a preventive maintenance program should be scheduled according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and prevailing standards.

Harness: An essential element for work at height, the harness distributes forces between the thighs, hips, chest, and shoulders when a fall occurs. It supports the person during a fall, absorbs the shock caused by the fall arrest, and maintains a safe vertical position until rescue arrives.

Ladder stabilizer: Used on construction sites to eliminate the risk of falls during work at height with a ladder, this ladder stabilizer is designed to fit all types of ladders with open rungs. The anchoring device is equipped with non-slip pads that ensure a solid anchorage without damaging gutters or eaves.

working at heigh CNESST


Investing in equipment that ensures worker safety when they are working at height is a wise choice and is beneficial for overall performance and successful completion of tasks. Here is an overview of some of the benefits of using the ProtecMi ladder stabilizer.

Facilitates work at height

The ProtecMi ladder stabilizer allows for a 35-inch gap between the wall and the top of the ladder. This space enables workers to work more comfortably, even in the presence of obstacles such as gutters. This margin of maneuver provides greater freedom of movement, which is highly useful and greatly appreciated by workers.

Enables high-quality work

The anchoring device of the ProtecMi residential ladder stabilizer prevents friction between the top of the ladder, gutters, or roof edges. Therefore, there is no risk of damage or falls.

Ensures safety

Winner of the CNESST’s top prize for Innovation in 2021, the ProtecMi ladder stabilizer offers 600% more safety than required by the relevant standards. It keeps the ladder in place even when multiple people use it intensively.

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