Working at height safety measures


Using working at height safety measures around the house (like the ladder stabilizer) is so important to avoid falls and injuries. Yet, many people climb their ladder without giving much thought to the consequences of a fall. And several suffer serious and disabling injuries because they neglected to ensure their safety “to save time”. Here’s how to prevent this from happening to you.

stabilisateur d'échelle

Serious Injuries while working at height

Being completely safe (absence of danger or risk of injury) is unfortunately impossible when doing work outside or inside the house. And during  work at height with a ladder, your safety is truly compromised if you do not protect yourself!

On construction sites, strict safety rules are established by the foreman and followed by employees. All sorts of safety equipment are used: platforms for  work at height, harnesses, ropes, non-slip construction boots, etc. Employees are required to undergo safety training for  work at height and are aware of the dangers and risks they face when climbing a ladder.

But individuals who climb their ladder to perform various tasks (clean gutters, install Christmas lights, inspect the roof, trim tree branches, etc.) have not received this training and embark on these  tasks without knowing the real dangers and means of protection.

Yet, a fall from more than 3 meters can have serious consequences! It can lead to fractures (leg, arm, back, foot), head trauma, and other more or less serious injuries. Often, individuals carry out their work alone and are stuck in place when the fall occurs, unable to receive immediate help.

Injuries from falls at height can result in work stoppage, difficulties in performing daily tasks, and even create a long-term disability. 


Carelessness or Negligence?

It is often due to ignorance of the danger or because they prefer “not to think about the worst” that Mr. and Mrs. Everyone climb a ladder without taking the time to ensure that it is securely installed, either tied with a rope or anchored to the wall (or roof) with a ladder stabilizer. 

It is also, in some cases, due to carelessness and even negligence that individuals take chances by climbing to the top of their ladder without securing it and using it in a dangerous manner.

 However, on construction sites,  work at height (over 3 meters) must be carried out with full knowledge of the safety rules prescribed by the CNESST (safety and work at height section): 

  • The ladder must be placed on a solid, flat, level, and non-slippery surface.
  • The ladder must be secured at the top with a ladder stabilizer or another method to prevent it from moving.
  • The ladder must extend at least 35 inches above the upper support point.
  • The top 4 rungs must not be used.
  • The ladder must never be leaned on a gutter. 

 When you consider all the safety rules that apply in the workplace for work at height with a ladder, you realize how dangerous it is to neglect taking the necessary precautions! 

A bit like never wearing our seatbelt in the car, like in the ‘70s!

Residential Ladder Stabilizer

Using an aluminum ladder stabilizer will allow you to securely immobilize your ladder during your work at height around the house. This safety equipment won the CNESST Grand Innovation Prize in 2020! It is easy to install on a wall and is adjustable depending on the slope of the roof.

Moreover, using the PROTECMI ladder stabilizer will allow you to leave a few inches of space between your ladder and the wall (or roof edge). You will thus have greater freedom of movement and will not damage your gutters!

Think of your safety and equip yourself with this fall protection equipment that will last a lifetime!

Order Your ProteMi Ladder Stabilizer!

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