The Aluminum Ladder Stabilizer


Using a ladder stabilizer complies with CNESST standards for site safety and is an excellent way to keep your employees safe on construction sites. The same goes for homeowners or residential building owners performing work at height! Learn more about this safety equipment that eliminates the risk of falling from a height.

stabilisateur d'échelle

CNESST Innovation Award Winner

Made from Québec-sourced aluminum and assembled in the Lanaudière region, the PROTECMI ladder stabilizerfeatures two anchoring mechanisms that firmly secure the ladder to the wall or roof.

This revolutionary new safety equipment won the CNESST Grand Prize for Occupational Health and Safety in 2020 in the Innovation category. It is a product that combines strength, performance, and ease of use.

“I was tired of seeing our roofers get injured because of ladders!”, says Patrick Perreault, a roofing foreman for 25 years and the inventor of the PROTECMI ladder stabilizer. After seven years of research and development testing a dozen prototypes, a universal model that installs quickly on all types of ladders was patented. Patrick then partnered with André Boucher, president of Couverture Bellemare Ltée, to market it in Québec and Canada.

How the Device is Installed

The aluminum ladder stabilizer is installed on each side of the ladder, at the third rung, to comply with the 3-foot extension required by CNESST regulations for work at height.

The safety equipment is adjustable depending on the type of roofs (sloped roof or flat roof with or without parapet) or depending on the wall on which the ladder is installed. Numbers associated with each type of roof or wall are inscribed on the device to facilitate installation.

The angle adjuster allows the base of the ladder to be placed so that it has a 1/3 or 1/4 angle relative to the support surface.

For Home or Construction Sites

It was in October 2023 that the PROTECMI ladder stabilizer was launched on the market by online order on the company’s Website. Customers can order the residential ladder stabilizer or the professional ladder stabilizer, and it will be delivered within a maximum of 72 hours to their home or business.

Residential Ladder Stabilizer

The ladder stabilizer is essential for all work at height performed by homeowners on their house (both outside and inside). When installed, it prevents any backward movement of the ladder, even on ice. It is also impossible for the ladder to slide sideways (220% more solidity). Additionally, since the ladder is 12 inches away from the roof edge, it does not damage the gutters and flashing.

The angle adjuster allows the device to adjust to all types of roofs or walls. The PROTECMI residential ladder stabilizer performs on flat roofs with or without parapets, on sloped roofs, and on walls. It can be used for all work at height on your house, cabin, or apartment building. It is ideal for securing your ladder when you:

  • Clean your gutters
  • Install your Christmas lights
  • Change a light bulb
  • Paint a cathedral ceiling
  • Wash windows
  • Repair the roof
  • Cut tree branches
  • Etc.

It is an essential safety device for all your work! This safety equipment eliminates the risk of falls from height resulting in serious injuries.

Ladder Stabilizer for Construction Sites

On construction sites, the CNESST standard for work at height is to securely attach the ladder to the roof or wall during work at height. But attach it with what?
The professional ProtecMi ladder stabilizer is specifically designed to keep ladders immobile and safe on construction sites. The fixing mechanism and anti-slip pads prevent the ladder from slipping, falling, moving, and vibrating. The stabilizer for construction sites is used on all types of roofs (whether flat or sloped) and even on flat roofs that are equipped with parapets. 

When the ladder is fixed to a wall, the stabilizer facilitates work on the roof edge. For example, a roofer can work without obstacles (such as gutters) hindering them. The 12 inches of space between the ladder and the wall give them great freedom of movement.

Moreover, the stabilizer can hold a ladder in place even in an emergency on the roof, allowing several workers to climb down at the same time quickly and safely. The device thus exceeds the CNESST safety standard (which requires that only one person at a time use a ladder) as well as the most demanding standard in the world (that of American firefighters, which requires that the ladder be able to support 1,200 pounds or 3 people at a time). The PROTECMI ladder stabilizer exceeds this standard by 125%!

Order Your Ladder Stabilizer!

You can order your residential ladder stabilizer or your professional ladder stabilizer for construction sites now by visiting the Buy section of PROTECMI.

We deliver throughout Québec, within a maximum of 72 hours.

For delivery elsewhere in Canada, please contact us at (450) 759-4933 to proceed with the purchase.