Residential Ladder stabilizer

Working effectively, with no ifs, and or buts.

At ProtecMi, we’re dedicated to promoting worker safety, and our mission consists of developing novel and ingenious solutions to all of the security risks and breaches workers must contend with, day in and day out.


The highest honour awarded
by the CNESST

A new angle on security

The stabilizer, first in a range of products designed to improve job site safety.

You’re a professional worker?

We can answer your questions, show you in more detail the features of the professional ladder stabilizer, explain the security tests it has been put through, and even share our passion for coffee (!). Our team will convince you of the relevance of this tool for your teams.

By video conference or in person, we’ll find the best way to connect with you.

Proud of our roots

Pride in our region, its resources and its multifaceted workforce is what drove us to ensure that every step and person involved in our production process were “made in Québec”.

Lightening the load

Our primary objective: to make workers feel safe as they perform their daily tasks. All workers should be able to work with the peace of mind that comes from feeling safe and knowing that they will go home to their family – healthy and whole – after a rewarding day on the job.

Boots on the ground

Our products were developed with input from workers in the field, from an idea born between two beams and three sheets of plywood.


A ladder stabilizer that’s safe for everyone

Our flagship product,the universal ladder stabilizer

Approved and tested for the professional sector, the ladder stabilizer for residential use meets the same safety criteria!

You’ll be able to carry out work in your home with self-assurance! With the ladder stabilizer, your family can stop worrying about your safety!

The advantages of our product



universal design

designed and made in Québec

approved by the CNESST

easy to use

A picture is worth a thousand words

What our customers say about us




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