Ladder stabilizer for working at height


Using a ladder stabilizer for working at height on a construction site or at home is part of the CNESST safety rules. When working on a roof or at a roof edge, the ladder must be securely immobilized by a ladder stabilizer or by another effective means. If you have work to do on your house roof or if you need to access roofs on construction sites, read this article to learn how to reduce the risk of falls from height. 

Prevention of Falls from Height

Whether for inspection, repair, snow removal, gutter cleaning, or roofing work, the risks of falling from height are real when attempting to access a roof. A fall of more than 3 meters can cause serious and disabling injuries, and even death. Nearly 30% of accidents on construction sites are falls during work at height. And last year, there was a 61% increase in accidents reported to the CNESST, all due to a lack of precautions!

Whenever you climb a ladder to access a roof, you are exposed to a fall from height. The level of fall risk depends on the type of roof (sloped, flat with parapet, or flat without parapet). Climbing up and down is done differently depending of whether the ladder is placed on a flat roof or on a sloped roof. Movements must therefore be made slowly and precisely, and you must wear non-slip boots that grip well to the roof surface.

Falls from a ladder are common, especially during work performed by individuals who do not secure their ladder. Even for a short task, the ladder must be used in such a way as to not fall and injure oneself while climbing up or down , or while working near the edges of a roof.

CNESST Rules for Roof Access

When a ladder is used to access a roof or to work on the edges of a roof, the CNESST recommends to:

  • Lean the ladder on a solid and level base.
  • Have hands free when climbing.
  • Firmly grip the ladder and always maintain 3 contact points (two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot).
  • Extend the ladder at least 35 inches above the upper support point and never lean a ladder on a gutter.
  • Do not climb higher than the 4 rung from the top of the ladder (or more than 34 inches below the top of the ladder).
  • Securely anchor the ladder at the top with a ladder stabilizer or another method to prevent it from moving.
  • See safety tips for residential work with a ladder.
  • See the obligations of employers and workers for work with a ladder on construction sites.

Suitable for All Types of Roofs

Using a ladder stabilizer is essential to ensure your safety. This safety equipment is installed on each side of the ladder, at the third rung from the top, in order to comply with the 35 inches (3 feet) overhang required by the CNESST.

The PROTECMI ladder stabilizer is adjustable depending on the type of roofs or according to the wall on which the ladder is leaned. You will find numbers inscribed on the stabilizer (angle adjuster), for easy installation whether on a sloped roof, a flat roof with parapet, or a flat roof without parapet. 

The angle adjuster lets you place the base of the ladder at an angle of 1/3 or 1/4 relative to the support surface. 

Moreover, the PROTECMI aluminum ladder stabilizer allows you to leave a few inches of space between your ladder and the wall (or roof edge). Your gutters are thus clear and protected, while you increase your safety and freedom of movement.

Residential or Professional Ladder Stabilizer

Using an aluminum ladder stabilizer will allow you to securely immobilize your ladder during your roof work and for all other work at height around the house or on construction sites. This safety equipment won the CNESST Grand Innovation Prize in 2020!

The PROTECMI residential ladder stabilizer or the PROTECMI professional ladder stabilizer (for construction sites) is available for online order, with fast delivery throughout the province and the country. Think of your safety and equip yourself with this essential protective equipment for work with a ladder!

Order Your ProteMi Ladder Stabilizer

To order your aluminum ladder stabilizer to increase safety on your site or for work at height on your house, visit the Buy section of the PROTECMI Website.

Your residential or professional ladder stabilizer will be delivered within a maximum of 72 hours (to your home or business, throughout Québec).

For delivery elsewhere in Canada, please contact us at 450-753-1010 to proceed with the purchase.